Success Stories of Massive Weightloss


Massive Weight Loss Paleo Diet Success Stories

Given that we’re still at the start of a new year when a lot of people are re-evaluating their health and fitness and their goals for same – I thought it would be cool to share some truly inspiring Paleo Primal success stories from converts around the world.

I’m sure you’ll all agree that witnessing another human being walk-the-walk and achieve the changes we seek for ourselves is food for the soul – which is of course a great appetizer before you dine on the  grass-fed beef you have lined up for supper ;-)

For me seeing the before and after images of several individuals that had been in (lack of) health situations similar (or much worse) than mine finally convinced me (on top of the blinding logic) that a Paleo Diet, Primal lifestyle was for me.

Anyhoo enough of the preamble – let’s get to it and revel in some success stories and what others have done for their health when they apply the principles of Paleo Primal:

  1. How about Marie who decides to rival her husband, loses 34 lbs, knocks a whole in her asthma and blows away friends with how different she looks
  2. Albeit Randy is not really Paleo diet or Primal (he went with NO Sugar/Low Carb diet) his achievement of losing 13 INCHES off his waistline in a year is one of those success stories worthy of a read nonetheless!
  3. Now this story from the Paleo Diet Solution blog is mind blowing! ‘Vainglory’ (not his real name… duh) follows a Paleo diet and goes onto lose over HALF his ORIGINAL body weight (just take a peek at his B&F pictures)
  4. Meet Tyler.  His success is not all about shear weight reduction but also the vast improvement in his life that he gained from finally being able to enjoy sleeping properly
  5. Now this last one is all Rock n’ Roll!  It’s by Paula, who admittedly is a Crossfit gym owner, but in saying that she has also made an awesome transformation recently.  Take a look at what she has done and and I dare you to tell me that you don’t want to look like her at 50+

OK peeps, that’s it for this week.  I truly hope that the above list of stories and the many others you stumble upon help to lift your spirits and move you forward on your own goals for next week, next month & the rest of 2012 ;-)

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